Luckpenny Art 

Lorna Soar 

Are all of these pieces your own work?
Yes, every painting, wet felted landscape, sculpture and mosaic is hand-made by me in my studio. 

Do you sell your work on other sites?
Yes, my work is also available on Etsy (LuckpennyART) and on Folksy by the same name. However, purchasing directly from me on this website is going to be easier on your pocket since I do not have the same level of overheads here.

Do you undertake commissions?
In the past I've taken on commissions and I do still take the odd one if it grabs my attention but generally speaking no.

What materials do you mainly use?
For the paintings I have used all media, oils, acrylics, watercolour, gouache and pen & ink for different pieces but my all time favourite is definitely gouache.

When I'm making the tiled panels, as well as pieces of glass and ceramic, I include many tiles that I make myself from polymer clay. Having recently acquired a small kiln I'm now keen to make some ceramic tiles of my own too. Watch this space on that one!

Felt-making materials vary but Merino is my 'go to' wool for the basic designs. It comes dyed in many luscious colours then I add all the bits and pieces that make the piece my own creation.

Why Luckpenny?
Luckpenny is an old Irish tradition of giving back a penny for luck after the sealing of a deal. Since I am a traditionalist at heart and a tad supersticious as well, I include a lucky penny or charm with each of my sales from this year.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions via my contact page.


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