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Original Felt Wall Hangings are occasionally available here.

Witchy Woods

After The Storm

Fire Trees

Summer Morning. A Felted Landscape by Lorna Soar

Northern Lights. A Felted Landscape by Lorna Soar SOLD

Wet Felted Lesson Voucher

Island Church A felted Landscape

Moon Glow. A Felted Landscape

Purple Ice. A felted Landscape

Beach. A felted Landscape

Islands under the moon by Lorna Soar.jpg

The Billow Trees. Felted Landscape

Summer Nights. A Framed Felted Landscape

Sleepy Village. A Felted Landscape

Witchy Roofs. A Framed Felted Landscape

Church Atop. A Felted Landscape SOLD

Windy Day. A Felted Landscape

Near Neighbours. A Framed felted landscape

Casa Rosa. A Framed felted landscape

Fire Sky. A Felted Landscape Sold

Midnight Moon. A Felted Landscape

Over The Mountain. A Felted Landscape

On The Rocks 2. A Felted Landscape

On The Rocks 1. A Felted Landscape

Red Hill. A Felted Landscape

Bridged. A Framed Felted Landscape SOLD

Autumn I A felted Landscape (Sold)

Autumn II. A felted Landscape (Sold)

The Berryfields. A felted landscape. (Sold)

Original Felt Wall Hanging. 'Ocean Glow' (Sold)

Autumn Swirl SOLD

Full Moon Over Graces Point SOLD

Morning Glow SOLD

Beach Cottages SOLD

Grey Skies SOLD

Starry Night SOLD

Three Hills SOLD

Lone Tree (Sold)

Gossip Girls SOLD

Church On Mouse Hill SOLD

Midnight Hour SOLD

Hill Houses SOLD

Lighthouse SOLD

Four Trees SOLD

Mountain Grazing SOLD

Valley House SOLD

Moonlight At Hunter Rock SOLD

Bridging The Gap SOLD

Autumn Sunshine SOLD


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